Daria C.
Excellent service and Saul is a very nice guy and has a great wealth of knowledge when it comes to lawn care.
Jordan L.
I hired Saul to take care of my yard. I've been working with him for 1 month now. I can say that he is incredibly diligent and his pricing is very reasonable. He's completely respectful in communication and accommodating. Every step was smooth sailing. Thank you, Saul
Louis M.
This is an outstanding landscaping company! With everything going on the world, unfortunately I had neglected my yard upkeep for the past couple of months and the weeds were outrageous! After reaching out and leaving a message with this company, Saul got back to me within minutes. He had availability and came over that same day for a free estimate. Their prices are extremely reasonable, so I set up a lawn appointment. Saul showed up promptly at the appointed time with his crew and and an impressible amount of equipment. Within less than an hour they had meticulously and thoroughly cleaned and cleared my front and back yards, plus hauled off the debris. Saul is a true professional with a friendly demeanor and an expert at his craft. As a result, with their great prices I have set up monthly maintenance of my yard, and I am going to be recommending them to all of my friends with lawn needs.
J S.
Edvin was AMAZING! He gave the best price and he did perfect work. He worked SO hard to make my yard beautiful. I definitely recommend Edvin from Landscape Kingdom!
Amy Lee
Saul is wonderful to work with. When I first bought my home in August of 2019, he and his team came and helped get it all cleaned up. Saul has been maintaining it for me ever since then. He always lets me know when he will be coming to the house, and he always shows up and does a wonderful job. He is a very good man and does an excellent job. I would recommend him to anyone.
Patricia Uzmann
Our new house had an overgrowth of bushes and weeds and a very shabby looking lawn. Saul’s company trimmed all the bushes, cleaned all the debris and left the yard looking great. After a few months of summer heat, we decided that the cost of irrigating the lawn and cutting it was something we could do without so we had Saul’s company remove all the grass, border in all the gardens, plant drought-resistant plants and plants to attract hummingbirds and replace the grass with stones/ desert landscaping. Our yard looks beautiful now, requires very little irrigation, and is filled with beautiful flowers that the hummingbirds visit daily. I highly recommend The Landscape Kingdom.
Candace Kay
Great guy arrived on time and does great work in the yard. Would definitely recommend this company.
Dwayne Clark
This brother is dang good at what he do I'll recommend him to any one at any time.